Seaweed Facial Toner Review – The Body Shop

The first time I use a toner in a skin care routine, I know that it is recommended to add the product to your routine. I’m going to tell you what my experience was using this seaweed facial toner from The Body Shop.

Product made in the UK. The brand is against animal testing, cruelty-free tonic.

Worth it?

I believe it was worth it, I really liked the product. It gives a slight help in calming the skin, it’s really worth it for those with more sensitive skin.

I found it more useful and easier to use using those cotton pads. Rather than applying it directly to the skin or using a cotton ball, it is very liquid, so I believe it is better to apply the toner with cotton instead of using your hands.

It foams a little, it feels like it has a little soap in it, so you want to rinse it off.

The toner actually has a very light and pleasant scent of seaweed.

After it dries, it leaves the skin sticky. In a way, I think this is positive, because after applying the toner, I use sunscreen, so I feel like the sunscreen “stays” more on my face.

I have no complaints about the product, it would be a tonic I would buy. Rating 10/10.

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