Review La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5

It is an extremely good cream, from time to time I use it on my lips so as not to have dryness, when the mouth dries out and creates cracks, it hurts a lot, I did not have this type of problem, but now with advancing age, it is something that I started to have .

I have the habit of putting sunscreen on my face and neck, but I didn’t have this habit of putting it on my ears, my ears were always peeling and that was bothering me a lot, it took me a while to realize that it’s because of the sun. Here in the city where I live, there is one sun for every inhabitant, so if you goof off, your skin burns very easily in the sun. I applied the product to treat this peeling and it improved a lot, it was a very instant treatment, the next day my skin was more recovered.

Worth to buy?

It is a product with a very good cost benefit, if the objective is to apply it on the face or small areas, the profitability is very good. His moisturizing power is very potent. Just be very careful for those with acneic skin, because it is denser, I have oily skin, but I don’t have much problem with acne, so for me, it doesn’t bother me, I use it before bed. Applying it on the face during the day, I don’t cheer it up very much, I like it as a nighttime restorative effect.

A horrible point of the product is the smell, the first thing I thought when I smelled this cream was a school memory, school supplies, later I had a more exact memory of what it looks like, it smells very similar to highlighter. It’s not something that bothers me too much, but if you have a trigger with something related to school/college, stay away from this product.

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