Review La Roche-Posay Effaclar High Tolerance Cleansing Gel

This product for me was a love-hate relationship, I really liked the smell of it, but I didn’t like the effectiveness.

The letters were a little faded, as I had put them in my backpack and rubbed the ink. He kept what he promised, reduced the EXCESS of oiliness, didn’t remove all the oiliness. It says it is alcohol-free, pH 5.5, has Zinc PCA and is hypoallergenic.

It has a very intense marine smell, it reminds me a lot of the beach, for me it’s like being on a more fancy beach. Every time I use it it gives me that beachy feeling.


You can see that the gel is of good quality, it makes a more concentrated and velvety foam, spreads well on the skin.

The negative point is that it doesn’t remove all the oiliness from the skin, it seems that the gel doesn’t go deep into the skin to clean it, even using a lot of product or rubbing it a lot, still there is about 10% oiliness, this bothers me mainly in the nose, because I feel that it is passing oiliness to my glasses.

This water-green packaging is very cute, reminiscent of a beach environment.

Perhaps the intention of the formula is to leave a little oiliness so as not to have a rebound effect.

It is worth it?

Perhaps for those who live in a colder and drier region, where there is a problem with skin dryness due to the cold, it is worth buying to test, the focus of the product is for oily skin, but I dare say that for a tropical and humid climate it work better for people who have normal skin.

Certainly this product is focused on the European market, I believe that it did not fit very well for those who live in a tropical zone.

It was also one of the first products of the more expensive brand that I buy that did not have a good profitability, I felt that the pumb releases a lot of gel and I saw that it was running out very quickly, it was not a good value for money.

Overall I give it a 7.5/10, even though I really like the smell, unfortunately it is not on my list of favorite products

Final considerations

I finished using the gel, I felt that over time, little by little, it took away that oily aspect from my face, it probably “trains” the face to produce less oil, it works more like a long-term treatment, but even so I didn’t like it very much, I prefer a more immediate effect, mainly because I don’t like the feeling when the base of my glasses is slippery because of the oil that didn’t come off.

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