Review Gillette Specialized Cool Wave deodorant gel

I bought this deodorant on Amazon, it’s usually more expensive than the brand’s spray deodorant, but sometimes it’s on sale.

This packaging reminds me of something automotive.

It is a very good product, holds sweat well. The smell of it reminds me of those old deodorants that were liquid and you squeezed out the liquid.

On the packaging the brand says if the skin is injured, discontinue use.

It is worth it?

I found its durability little compared to the spray, at least this 45 gram version. For me, a big advantage of it is the fact that it doesn’t make noise, for example, in my case I need to leave the house early to go to work and everyone who lives with me is still sleeping, it’s one less noise, or for those who are in somewhere that wants to put on deodorant and not draw attention.

It also seems to destroy clothes less, especially colored ones, there is no white crust on the sleeves.

I think the way of application is cool, of turning to get the product out.
The gel came out of these little holes.

If I had the highest income, it would probably be my first choice for deodorant in this format, but at the moment the spray model that generates the best cost-benefit for my reality.

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