Review La Roche Posay Hyalu B5 – Anti-Wrinkle Repair

First time I tested a serum from the brand and overall I really liked it. I will give my positives and negatives.


  • It is a serum that yields a lot, with a drop, you can spread it very well on the face, that is, little product is needed in use, generating a very good cost-benefit, as it ends up lasting longer. Some brands have a more liquid texture and to apply it all over the face, you end up spending more. I noticed that these more expensive brands have a more concentrated gel and depending on the price, it might end up being more worthwhile.

  • His hydration power is extremely good. I have very oily skin, because the product is a gel, it did not affect the production of oil so much, I believe in this aspect of moisturizing, it will work well on all skin types: dry, normal or oily.

Negative points

  • I believe that their anti-wrinkle power is weak, not that it doesn’t work, I felt that it makes the skin more firm, but if your focus is to use it as an anti-wrinkle, it is possible that there are better options on the market. It is more of a potent moisturizer having the benefit of having an anti-wrinkle effect. Since I was a teenager, I have had greater flaccidity in one eyelid than in the other eye, I felt that it was smoothed out.

  • If you have very sensitive skin, I recommend that you test the product beforehand, if I’m distracted, thinking about tomorrow or having some stimulus applying this serum, I don’t feel anything, but if I’m paying attention to my skin, I feel a slight burning in my skin. face, the effect of the acid acting, but it’s something very light, it’s not enough to bother, but I think about those who have extremely sensitive skin, it’s good to be careful and redouble your attention with sunscreen.

My rating

I give it an 8/10, it lost a couple of points for not being very potent in its anti-aging effect, but I understand if they did something stronger, it would lose this audience that has more sensitive skin. I think it’s worth buying and testing.

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